Q1: Could you make something other than bags?
We have experience with manufacturing products other than bags like personalized cases.
Q2: We do not have a specific image of bags.
We will ask you for information such as the purpose, usage, form, and materials through interviews. We serve you to materialize your ideas as much as possible. We will propose you the best possible bags to meet your needs based on ACE’s know-how and accumulated knowledges.
Q3: Do you manufacture products overseas?
We will develop project ideas according to your request (schedule, budget, quantity, etc.) and come up with the most appropriate site for production.
Q4: Could you show us some samples of your work?
We can show you samples and images of the bags that we produced in the past for your ideas.
Q5: We have no knowledge of materials and designs.
We will make the best use of our knowledge as the manufacturer and select the best materials and designs for your usage and purposes.
Q6: We are tight on time.
It is possible to make samples within around two weeks at the earliest. We will provide a solution to meet your requirements such as the delivery date and budget.
Q7: We would like you to suggest the bags with design and shape to match our campaign image.
Please let us know the details of your project when contacting us. We will provide you the best possible option to meet your requirements.
Q8: Could you provide us with multiple designs of novelty?
We can offer multiple designs based on our accumulated knowledge and experience.
Q9: What are the shipping options and packing methods?
We will do everything possible to meet your needs.